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People who make Namiki Kokkokai

“Kokkokai” are a group of Maki-e artisans formed in 1931
centered around Gonroku Matsuda, who later became a living national treasure.
The name “Kokkokai” was derived from a quote by Ryosuke Namiki the founder,
“In the way Sumo is Japan’s national sport, Maki-e is the nation’s light.”
Declarative statement at the inauguration of Kokkokai
Even today, Maki-e artisans from inside and outside the company,
who have inherited Matsuda’s will, are making lacquerware around the country.
Kokkokai or the name of the artisans have been inscribed on each individual piece of Namiki work.

List of Artisans

  • Hyakusen Murata

    Signature Hyakusen

  • Kazuo Nihei

    Signature Kazuo

  • Yasunori Sakamoto

    Signature Yasunori

  • Nobuko Sakamoto

    Signature Shinsai

  • Katsuhiko Urade

    Signature Katsuhiko

  • Shouji Michikami

    Signature Shouji

  • Masaru Hayashi

    Signature Masaru

  • Yumi Hayashi

    Signature Yumi

  • Yasuji Sumi

    Signature Yasuji

  • Mamoru Wakabayashi

    Signature Mamoru

  • Yutaka Sato

    Signature Yutaka

  • Masahiro Yamada

    Signature Masahiro

  • Misa Seki

    Signature Misa

  • Seiki Chida

    Signature Seiki

  • Michifumi Kawaguchi

    Signature Michifumi

  • Kayo Endo

    Signature Kayo

  • Masato Sato

    Signature Masato

  • Hideki Furuhara

    Signature Shotaku

  • Yukari Mochizuki

    Signature Chiren

「Maki-e Studio NAMIKI」

The Maki-e studio inside PILOT Corporation’s Hiratsuka plant in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa is in brick building,
a late Taisho Era (1912-1926) which was originally used for the former Second Navy Ammunitions Arsenal.
This building, which has value as a cultural heritage conveying history,
has been reconstructed as a studio while keeping its appearance from former days.


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